New Release: ANFS - A Shallow Ascetic EP on Horo

Weapons of Mass Destruction - ANFS's New EP on Horo 'A Shallow Ascetic' EP preview is up, 12" available for pre-order via bandcamp

1. Dervisis

2. Kounoupi

3. Salepsa

4. Komena

Athens, Greece resident and Vanila records owner ANFS lands on Horo for an EP of jagged, industrial tinged Techno. Breakbeats are hacked and repurposed into brutal shards, with 'Kounoupi's amen march adding a slowed down, vicious take on the infamous roll. 'Salepsa' is a propulsive call to the floor, robust and emphatic, with 'Dervisis' and 'Komena' bookending the EP with rattling menace.